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What Is A Dash Cam? - A Simple Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Dash Cam

A dash cam is a piece of technology that you install in your car to record video while you're driving. It can serve as a driver to help you see what is going on behind you while you are driving or as a security guard for your car while it is parked. There is a reasonable probability that you already own a dash cam, even if you have no idea what one is or how it operates. In fact, they are growing in popularity to the point where they are now offered in almost every hardware and electronics store under the sun. Do you understand what a dash cam is then? If not, this article will give you all the information you require about them!

What is a Dashcam?

Simply explained, a dash cam is a gadget that is hooked into the dashboard of your automobile and records video when the engine is running. They are frequently made to be covert, so you'll frequently see them concealed beneath a sun visor, mounted on the dashboard, or even stored in a glove box. They frequently also include a few extra features, such as a GPS logger or a parking mode.

Why might you desire one? There are many diverse motives, but the most frequent one is self-preservation. Someone may stop to video themselves if they are frequently attempting to perform a risky action while you are parked. You can document the stunt and show that you were present throughout with a dash cam. When you get into an accident or are sideswiped in traffic, you can also utilize it as a way to demonstrate your innocence. Since it frequently happens that there is no video of the actual collision, a dash cam can also be utilized as insurance.

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

Buckle up, because this is where things may become a little difficult. A long-range camera that can capture the footage from above the car and around a turn is essential for a good dash cam. The majority of dash cams have dash or action cameras with this in mind. These are designed to be fixed on your windshield at a high point to ensure sharp vision. The quality of the video you desire is the second item you should think about.

The quality of the video improves with increased resolution. The frame rate and bit rate work together to determine resolution. Although processing the material and playing it back takes longer and more effort the higher the resolution, the picture quality is better. You can slightly lower the resolution if data use on your phone plan is a concern for you. Depending on your demands, you might or might not have a few additional features. For instance, some feature a Wi-Fi option for streaming to a phone or computer or a built-in GPS logger to help you track where your automobile is.


The best-in-class distributor of a wide range of high-grade products in India is Enigma Technotronix Private Ltd. Excellent Dashcam Devices are part of our product line. The Nexbase A161Wdashcam is one of our most cutting-edge models. Nexbase A161W is the advanced model of the A16X series. This has a Novatek 96675 processor and a Sony Starvis 307 sensor. This gives you the option of recording in up to 1080P@60fps on one channel or in both 1080P@30fps (2 channels, you can connect with either A16C or A16R).

Did we miss anything in our brief overview of dash cameras? Please share this post with your friends and let us know in the comments! These are excellent for defending yourself when you are parked and provide you with a thorough account of what is occurring on the road behind you. However, it's critical to remember that they are constrained by the capability of the built-in camera and the object's separation from you. Additionally, you'll want to confirm that you have the ideal one for your requirements.

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