About Tetrosyl – T-Cut

Tetrosyl Limited is the largest manufacturer and Car Care Products Supplier of car care products and Car Cleaning Products Suppliers in Europe and is the UK’s biggest independent oil blender extending its global reach to 100 countries. Tetrosyl leads the way in brand management with a fine blend of innovation, technology, and design to bring the biggest retail brands in the industry to the Car Cleaning Products, automotive, and home care markets.

Car Cleaning Product ranges include Valeting, Winter, Crash Repair, Automotive Parts, Paint, and a Home Improvement range. Tetrosyl- One of the ultimate Car Cleaning Products Suppliers; has the ability to develop and launch products to market fast due to strong in-house capabilities. Tetrosyltechnical center provides state-of-the-art facilities for chemists, researchers, and customers to discover and innovate together.

Tetrosyl FMCG and bulk Car Care Products Supplier and manufacturing operations are based in Greater Manchester, at Bridge Hall and Bevis Green sites, covering over 70,000 square meters of production space. The combined sites produce over 2500 different products. As the largest independent bottle blender of lubricants, the plant can manufacture and package up to one million liters a week as demand dictates, under both the Carlube brand and various customers' own brand products. Tetrosyl designs and commissions all Car Cleaning Products and bottles manufactured from various materials including PET, PVC & HDPE.

Global Product Range – T-Cut

T-Cut was invented by Tetrosyl’s founder Clifford Schofield in 1954 and is an abbreviation of ‘Tetrosyl Cutting Oil’. Before T-Cut was created there were no other cutting compounds on the market that could offer the restoration properties of T-Cut. Due to the demand and position of Tetrosyl within the market, T-Cut was swiftly adopted by the car garage trade where the term “T-Cutting” was the habitual response when talking to professionals and hobbyists.

The magic of T-Cut has been passed on through the generations and is a by-word for the action of restoration and scratch removal. Originally it was on the retail shelf in a glass bottle but was soon to be replaced by our iconic tin. Once in a tin, T-Cut was only available for purchase in 5 litre units but an increase in demand for the product soon saw it develop into the retail environment in more user friendly 300ml and 500ml tins.

Today we use ’The Original Restorer’ to signify the original product, the first and the best; but also to differentiate between the original product and the new Rapid Scratch Remover.