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Aura Sound System Equipment / Speakers


About Aura

Aura Sound Equipment is an international brand with a strong presence in the Russian and European markets. Aura Sound equipment has been recognized by Audio professionals for its exceptional sound quality in both SPL and SQL categories. Aura has been the winner of many awards in sound competitions and an active participant in many sound competitions such as dB drag, Emma, Bass Club, AMT Etc. The people behind all Aura Sound Systems are made Car Audio professionals who have years of experience in the Car Audio industry with strong technical knowledge. No other brand has such a range and categories as Aura as it covers across the spectrum of products in Headunits, Amplifiers, Subwoofer, Speakers, Damping sheets, Rear View Cameras and Accessories.

Aura sound systems are one of the best in class in the car audio industry. Aura speakers are widely used by lots of people in their vehicles and have been proven one of the best speaker systems. Each category of products has been further branded into different series from entry models to high models depending upon budget, features, and specification. The type of products is divided into Standard, Fireball, Storm, Sports, Indigo, Venom, and Monstro series. Each Series tells a story about each product in terms of technology, features, and specification. The Aura Damping sheets are “Made in Russia “meeting the stringent quality testing, withstanding all weather conditions, and most important providing solid sound damping in your car it is widely used by car audio professionals for sound competition.