Paradise Air Freshener


Why Paradise Air?

  • The Paradise Air team has a combined 60+ years of experience formulating, manufacturing and selling air freshener products across the globe
  • Made in the USA. Paradise Air blends all fragrance oil and manufactures products in Palm City, Florida
  • Fully equipped in-house lab for fragrance R&D and quality control
  • Paradise Air factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management Systems
  • Product and packaging programs tailored for customer success
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As we embarked down the path of creating a new air care brand, utilizing our years in the industry, we asked ourselves, what was the one thing that our most loyal customers would look for in the line. The answer was always the same. Quality.

If you are going to do it the same, don’t waste your time. Make a brand that would stand out and immediately be seen as best in class. Platinum Series was then born.

State of Business in 2022

  • Paradise Air currently has distribution in 50+ countries
  • We have just rolled out to over 30,000 chain stores in the US over the last 3 months
  • No Supply Chain Issues since we make everything in our factory in the USA
  • Recently Added the Oil Based Gel line that we will use to add the new items in 2022
  • We have already started working on additional items for the back half of 2022 in Vent, Novelty and Spray.
  • The Super Organic is our fastest growing item behind the Organic Can.

Elevate Your Drive with Paradise Car Perfumes

When it comes to transforming your daily commute into a sensory delight, Paradise stands out as the ultimate choice. Our passion for crafting exceptional car fragrances has earned us a reputation for excellence in the industry. Explore how our exquisite car perfumes can redefine your driving experience.

Unrivaled Aromas

At Paradise, we understand that the right scent can evoke memories, boost mood, and make every journey more enjoyable. Our expert perfumers have meticulously curated a range of captivating car fragrances that cater to every taste and preference. From fresh and invigorating scents to soothing and calming ones, our collection offers a symphony of aromas designed to elevate your drive.

Quality You Can Trust

We take pride in using the finest ingredients to create our car perfumes. Our commitment to quality ensures that every bottle of Paradise Car Perfume is a masterpiece, providing a long-lasting and consistent fragrance experience. Say goodbye to stale odors and hello to a paradise of delightful scents in your car.

Easy to Use

Convenience matters and our car perfumes are designed with that in mind. Our user-friendly bottles make it effortless to refresh your car's interior whenever you desire. Just a few spritzes, and you're on your way to a fragrant paradise on wheels.

Environmentally Conscious

We share your concern for the environment. That's why Paradise Car Perfumes are made with eco-friendly ingredients and packaging. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that you can enjoy your favorite scents guilt-free.

Discover the Paradise Car Perfumes difference today. Elevate your drive, one spritz at a time, and indulge in the luxury of a beautifully scented car. Join us on the road to a fragrant paradise.