Remote Controller For DSP


Thank you for purchasing Controller . We strongly recommend using the services of a professional installation studio to install the Controller. The correct configuration of the system and the qualifications of specialists will allow you to maximize the potential of your controller, avoid unpleasant situations, as well as eliminate connection errors and possible malfunctions

This manual mainly introduces the product functions, uses and operation methods of Remote controller for DSP. The manual is only used as the user's operation guide, not as the basis for maintenance service. Due to the continuous improvement of the products upgrade, we reserve the right to change the design and specifications without prior notice. The product illustration and appearance effect in the manual are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product.


As part of our quality system control, each product is carefully packed before leaving the factory. After unpacking, please check the product carefully for physical damage. To facilitate future packing and ensure product safety during transporting. Please keep all packing materials and article. In case of physical damage to the machine, please inform us immediately so as to provide formal document for the damage.


According to the model you purchased, the following accessories should be placed in the packing box. If there is any shortage, please inform the seller or manufacturer as soon as possible:

  • Controller – 1 No
  • Instruction Manual – 1 No

Wiring Diagram & Operations

LCD Size: 2 Inch
Source Selection: Hi Level/BT/USB/Optical/U Disk/Aux
Master Volume : Yes
Previous/Next Selection : Yes
Model Selection: Yes
Cable Length:Metre 5.0
Size (LxWxH)mm 112x49.5x13
Weight (Kgs) 0.23
Instruction Manual - AC1