Foam Wash

Car Foam Wash Shampoo


The revolutionary CarPlan® Ultra Foam Wash creates a dense snow foam by hand washing and pressure washing. The active formula effortlessly removes all traces of traffc film,dirt and grease

Hand Wash:
  1. Rinse off loose dirt with cold water.
  2. Pour 100ml of Foam Wash into a bucket then add clean, warm water.
  3. Apply Foam Wash all over car starting at the top. Agitate Foam Wash using a sponge or car wash brush.
  4. Rinse using clean water. Dry with a chamois or microfibre cloth for shine.
Jet Wash:
  1. Rinse of loose dirt with jet washer.
  2. Add Foam Wash to the detergent tank of pressure washer. When using with Snow Foam Cannon attachment dilute approximately 1:10 (100ml in 1 ltr of water).
  3. Apply Foam Wash on a car and leave for a few minutes. DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO DRY.
  4. Rinse of with clean water and dry with chamois or microfibre cloth.

Looking for a budget-friendly Car Foam Wash Shampoo? Look no farther than Car Wash Foam Shampoo by CarPlan Ultra! The great cleaning power of this reasonably priced Car Wash Foam Shampoo will leave your vehicle looking spotless and brand new. Additionally, it preserves the paint's gloss on your car. One of the top suppliers of Car Foam Wash Shampoo in India is from CarPlan Ultra. Consequently, you may travel with assurance knowing that your car appears brand new. As a supplier of CarPlan Ultra Car Foam Wash Shampoo, Enigma has established a reputation in the market.

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