• RCA Hi/Lo adapter, 4 channels.
  • To convert a high-level signal from the output of standard speaker
  • systems into a low-level linear output for connecting external
  • amplifiers.
  • Automatic switching on by input signal.
  • Remote output for turning on amplifiers.
  • Signal summation function for standard systems.
  • Switchable grounding type to eliminate interference.
  • EAN: 4680136863098

Precautions and recommendations for use.

The device may become warm during operation. The installation location must be well ventilated. To avoid extraneous noise affecting the sound quality, make sure that all signal wires coming from the device are at a sufficient distance away from power cables, motors, high-voltage wires and other possible noise sources. Do not place the device in places where there is direct exposure to sunlight, high humidity, or where dust and dirt accumulate. To avoid short circuits, ensure that all wires are kept a safe distance from moving parts and sharp metal edges. The device must be securely fastened to avoid injury during sudden braking of the vehicle or an accident. The positive power wire connected to the +12V terminal must be protected with a fuse.

Disposal Instructions.

WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment. Old electrical equipment should not be disposed of with other household waste. Please recycle it. Please contact your local authorities for the required information.


All illustrations given in this manual are schematic images of objects and may differ slightly from their actual appearance. Due to continuous development and improvement of the product, all technical specifications, as well as appearance, are subject to change without prior notice.

  • 4 Channel "High To Low level" With swmming-function Auto Turn on
  • Remote Out(Turn on Signal or Furthur Devices is Change)
  • Start Stop Ready
  • Error Protection System
  • THD+N 0.17%
  • RCA Outputs With 5 V/RMS
  • High Level Input up to 21.5 V/RMS
  • SNR>117dB
  • Transition Frequency: 10HZ-29kHz
  • "Flooting Ground" Jumper
  • Dimension: 99*25.5*74.5
  • High level inputs
  • Jumper for selecting the device power-on mode*
  • Grounding type selection jumper
  • Control output +12V (power control for external amplifiers)
  • Control input +12V (Remote)
  • Power supply +12V
  • Power -12V (ground)
  • Power indicator
  • Audio through/sum selector
  • RCA audio outputs for external amplifiers