• The Fireball Mini-Amplifier with DSP built in 4Ch Class AB amplifier is an ideal plug and play amplifier to any android multimedia receiver. The Class AB amplification enhances the sound of the android multimedia receiver drastically for the existing speakers. Adjusting treble and bass is one the sound setting which allows user to increase or decrease low/high frequency adjustment. It also comes with 2 RCA Output L/R channels.Read More

  • The small size amplifier can fit at the back of user stereo or in glove compartment depending upon space available in each car. For hassle free installation, this amplifier comes with 2 power connector cables in 20 CM and 1 Meter size as standard accessory, thus eliminating the need to cut wires from the car connector and giving user greater flexibility in installation. Also saving you money to purchase additional cable connector incase the unit was to be installed in glove compartment or below gear box control.
  • 3. The small Heat sink made of Aluminum body with vent at bottom and built temperature detection prevents the high temperature burn-in, better heat dissipation and built in 16.5/10A regulates power supply ensuring full power out of the amplifier.
  • RMS Power: 28WX4(4Ω), @ 14.4V
  • Maximum Power: 45WX4(4Ω)
  • RMS Power: 48WX4(2Ω), @ 14.4V
  • Maximum Power: 72WX4(2Ω)
  • Distortion (THD): <0.010%
  • Operating Voltage: 9V-16V
  • Mosfet Power Supply
  • S/N Ratio: 85dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz(±3dB)

  • 4 Ch High Level Input

  • 2 X RCA Output
  • Analog EQ Adjustment: Bass/Treble ±12dB
  • Dimensions (LXWXH) :145MMX94MMX43MM
  • Weight: 0.7Kgs

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