VENOM 10.500A

VENOM 10.500A

  • The Venom 10.500A is 10 Inch Active Slim Subwoofer enclosure with built in Class D Amplifier. The active Slim Subwoofer with built in Amp gives pure 500W RMS power, thus giving you desired strong bass capturing even the lowest frequencies. Read More

  • Size Matters: Yes, the Slim Subwoofer can fit into any Car trunk and utilizing less space unlike the traditional Subwoofer boxes. Yet, giving the strong bass enough to blow your ears with 500W RMS Power using Class D Amplification!!!.
    Aura Speakers 19
  • Easy Installation: With High level speaker input, it is much easier to connect to your Factory fitted Headunit or any aftermarket Headunit with high level speaker output terminals…
  • Low Impedance: The Slim Subwoofer has low Impedance of 0.32Ω , thus requiring less power for amplification and making easy to supply power to an amplifier.
  • Other General features: With Auto Turn ON/OFF features, it eliminates the need for additional wiring to turning on. The adjustable X-Over, gain adjustment, Bass Boost controls are some of the coolest features that you can perform on this unit and adjust per your taste…
  • Remote Control Unit: Using the wired remote control for bass control is much easier. Controls in your hand!!
    Aura Remote Control Unit
  • Max Output Power: 1000W
  • Subwoofer Size: 10.0"
  • Cone Composition: Fiberglass, Paper Cone, Rubber Surround
  • Magnet Type: Ferrite
  • Wired Remote: Included
  • Enclosure Housing Material: MDF
  • Enclosure Dimension (LXWXH): 492 x 338 X 162mm
  • Enclosure Net Weight: 11.6 kg

  • Amplifier Technology: Class D
  • Normal Output Power (RMS): 500W
  • Max. Output Power:1000W
  • Sensitivity (In Car/1W): 88±3dB
  • Signal/Noise Ratio (Db): 70dB
  • Impedance: 0.32 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz-200Hz
  • Low Pass Filter (LPF): 50Hz-200Hz)
  • Voltage: 10.5V-16V
  • Phase Switch: 0 deg / 180 deg
  • Automatic On/Off: 10mV
  • Audio in Sensitivity: RCA Low Level Input (V)
  • RCA: 120mV-5000mV

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